Pipe Tapping Tool

The Pipe Tapping Tool (Containment Tapping Tool, CTT) was developed by Apex Machining, Inc. as a solution to the problem faced by a large nuclear weapons site as it began the difficult challenge of removing radiological and hazardous liquids from miles of piping systems.

Other pipe draining tools had been used, but were difficult to use, extremely expensive, and had significant lead times (frequently several months). Tapping into pipe systems containing hazardous constituents requires a system that is easy to install and flawless during draining activities.

The CTT offered by Apex Machining, Inc. utilizes a simple, cost effective design that is easily installed, easy to operate, and usually in stock or available with a short lead time.

Hundreds of the Containment Tapping Tools were used at the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Manufacturing Plantto safely and successfully drain over 3 ½ miles of radiological contaminated pipe systems without any leaks or spills. By utilizing the CTT, tap and drain costs at Rocky Flats were significantly reduced.

The CTT offered by Apex Machining, Inc. costs much less than other systems, is adaptable to hundreds of pipe sizes, and installs in much less time than other pipe tapping tools.

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Stainless Steel 
Item #447

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Containment Tapping Tool
Cold Rolled Steel
Item #448

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Technical Specifications

Containment Tapping Tool Housing Options:

  • 303 SST 303 CF ANN BAR ASTM A582 (item #447)
  • Mild Steel 1018 CF BAR ASTM A108 (item #448)

Packing material for the seal is 100% virgin expanded PTFE Gore-Tex:

  • TEMP RANGE – 450 F to +550 F
  • pH 0-14 (inert with all common chemicals)

Other Details:

  • Drills are cobalt steel with 135 degree split point 4-facet grind to allow easy starting and drilling in difficult material such as 304 SST.
  • The CTT mounts to common, off the shelf pipe saddles that are available in hundreds of pipe sizes.
  • Common pipe threads on the CTT enable the tool to be easily connected to bottles, tanks, pumps, and/or transfer hoses.