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NASA Prototype

April 30th, 2007 - Experiment Completion

Elastic Memory Composite Hinge (EMCH)

"You guys are leading the way for the next generation of aircraft and spacecraft. Thanks for your efforts." - Sunita Williams

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Success Tells the Story

The Pipe Tapping Tool was successfully used at the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant to safely remove thousands of gallons of highly contaminated liquid solutions months ahead of schedule and significantly under budget.

"After numerous project delays on tap and drain activities, our team discovered the Containment Tapping Tool offered by Apex Machining, Inc. Previous orders for tapping devices took months for delivery, and often did not work if field conditions did not match up exactly with what was ordered. The Pipe Tapping Tool was always in stock, much cheaper than other tapping tools, and since it used off-the-shelf pipe saddles it was useable with any pipe diameter or schedule. The aggressive drill bit design worked especially well in the miles of stainless steel pipe that we had to drain. After witnessing hundreds of draining events without a single leak, I highly recommend the Containment Tapping Tool. This tool was the single most important tool that can be attributed to the success of our project."

Michael Vess, P.E., PMP
Manager, Rocky Flats
Liquid Waste D&D Project